“When it comes to community management there are loads of people that talk a good game, but Marko shows up. Not only does he show up, he makes people feel welcome, seen and heard. He enabled me to focus on serving my clients and know that my community was still taken care of. His ability to engage with anyone, brighten their day and encourage resulted in a successful marketing campaign, group program and day to day online engagement. I am forever grateful for the dedication Marko brought to me and my tribe.”

Tiffany Neuman, Brand Expert and Founder of the Influencer Leap

“Marko is professional, attentive, and most of all, he really cares about you and works hard to help you! I got to know Marko when he was a Community Manager in a high-end business community and then we became friends. The more I know him, the more I know his clients and friends will benefit from his service. Marko says things you need to hear (even though sometimes you don’t want to hear it). His voice is like the permission I need to finally make the move or take the action I’ve always felt I should take deep down in my heart.”

Thu-Hoai Nguyen, Founder of Thu Hoài Arts

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