Why Everything Happened The Way It Did

Dear friend,

It’s not easy to face our past. Few people ever gather the courage to look their past right in the eye and say they moved on. What you need to remember is, it happened because it was supposed to teach you something. It happened, because it needed to bring you where you are now.

Why We Need To Face Our Past

A while ago I had a chance to say hi to my past, literally. I saw a person who meant the world to me almost ten years ago, but this time something was different. Instead of putting her on a pedestal like I used to and saying yes to her every demand and suggestion, something else happened entirely.

I moved on. When I looked into her eyes, I knew I’m this new, brave person who embraced being who he is, where I am now, and where I really want to be. Of course I’m doing what I can to reach that goal that occupies my attention, but a much more important moment happened in my mind that day.

I left my past where it belongs, behind me. Good memories and moments are always welcomed, but that’s about it. You see, most of us tend to dwell in the past, because we relish the chance to question it relentlessly. We ask ourselves: Maybe I could have done something differently… Let me be honest with you right now:

No, you couldn’t.

It Happened Exactly How It Was Supposed To Happen

Everything that has ever happened to you needed to happen. Every single difficulty, lonely moment, pain, and judgment had to come to pass so you could be ready to receive everything you ever wanted. Maybe you’re not where you want to be right now, and that’s okay. Shake off the doubt, shake of the negativity. Remember your dream, because you will reach it.

Look at your past, but leave it where it belongs, far behind you. Let what happened be a proof what a wonderful person you’ve become. Know how giving, caring, and understanding you already are. This is something you should be proud of every single day.

That’s what I am asking you to do. Leave your past-self, and let it go my dear friend. What has transpired wasn’t a punishment. Quite the contrary, it was a lesson, and nothing more. Stop torturing your gentle mind with different outcomes and what could have happened. It’s not just about releasing your previous life and accepting it, but also not allowing it to control you.

If your dream wasn’t alive, on track, and right on schedule, you wouldn’t have so many roadblocks coming against you. Maybe you tried five years ago or ten years ago. It didn’t work out? Start again. Let go of your past, because when you do, you are allowing yourself to embrace the present, and plan the future. You agree giving that future a fighting chance to unfold in all it’s glory and greatness you deserve to have. <3

Here at Dauntless Inspiration, we are your biggest fans, and we are cheering for you every step of the way. You got this! 🙂



Have you accepted what happened in your past? Are you still struggling with this? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Why Everything Happened The Way It Did”

  1. I agree! Even trials have their silver linings. Maybe we became limited due to health issues…yet we had our family, our friends, and our faith and we realized that they are all that really matters. Maybe during those limitations we learned to appreciate the small things so much more. The flowering weeds we previously ignored in the yard now became a close-up view of the same beauty we knew from a waterfall or a sunset that we couldn’t currently access. Maybe someone deceived us yet we learned much about ourselves in the healing process and discovered fortitude we’d previously not known we had, self-worth that was bolstered through realizations. Maybe the loss of a loved one seemed so unfair yet we strengthened bonds with other survivors and valued our continuing lives so much more. Maybe a loved one spending time in a dangerous setting taught us that we are not in control of fate, that life goes on how it is meant, and we either go together or alone…but exactly how we were meant to. Life is full of strife and pain, but it is also full of beauty and joy. The weight will still be there when we’re ready to tackle it again, so why carry it always? Set it down from time to time and look around. There is peace in every nature scene and humor in almost every situation. We just need to be light enough to look! We are right at this very spot in life to learn and to appreciate. It has to rain to make a rainbow. We didn’t make a wrong turn into the rainclouds, we simply need to keep walking past the clouds into the beauty!

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