First Official Dauntless Inspiration Interview!

Dear friend,

We have incredibly exciting news for you!

You’re among the first who will see our very own official Dauntless Inspiration interview with Katherine Denton Pomerantz! Woohoo! 

Now a little bit about Katherine and what can you expect to see in the recording that we’ll share with you today

In this interview, Katherine, the owner of, goes into detail about her story of how she went from working as an actress to becoming a successful business owner of her own accounting firm and becoming a financial expert, all in a span of just one year!

We hope you will enjoy watching this interview as much as we loved every minute making it! 🙂

Huge thanks to Katherine for her patience, kindness, generosity, and professionalism! She is a genuine inspiration!
We so appreciate her giving, caring nature, and incredible professionalism!

Hope you’ll love the interview!


Giselle & Marko

If you want to learn more about Katherine and get in touch with her directly, please follow this link to her website, or check out her Facebook Page.

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