Why Finding Purpose Is Vital For Career Success

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Finding purpose is not always about finding that bigger why, or why we exist on this planet. The truth about discovering it is simpler than you realize. And rarely is seeing that purpose more important than when it comes to your career and what you do. Allow me to explain why.

Finding Purpose Is Vital For Career Success

Many believe that when we set out to find why we’re here, we immediately ask ourselves questions that are larger than life. I wasn’t different, because I too asked myself this more times than I can count. Here’s an example.

Our career will take a huge portion of our life. This is why it’s so vital that we not just find purpose for it to succeed, but also to understand why are we searching for it in the first place.

Just a few years ago, I thought that if I don’t immediately see the end-goal in the job that I do, I would immediately reject it. It didn’t matter what it was, I would not even consider it, because I thought that I need to see the finish line right away.

This way of thinking caused one particular sensation to overflow my mind – regret. I failed to realize that finding purpose is vital for career success, but not in the way many people think. It’s much more simpler, and more closer for you to find it than you think.

Career success are not promotions, big company meetings with million dollar deals, or endless hustling (I actually don’t like that term at all). Finding purpose in your career is loving what you’re doing even when it’s hard. 🙂

It’s All About the Little Things  

If you would ask me just a couple of years back what’s my main career goal I would tell you it’s having a six figure business, the hustle, working tirelessly around the clock to reach that goal. Don’t get me wrong, these are perfectly valid goals and dreams.

I’m not going to bash people who think like this. If that’s something that makes you fulfilled, I’m the first one who will support you, fully and unconditionally.

But having gone through the stage of my life where my career was everything to me, I realized what I lost in that so called rat race. I lost friends, alienated myself from my family, and missed who knows how many opportunities to be in a relationship with someone special.

Finding purpose is vital for a career success, because that success is fulfillment! Please don’t chase a life you wanna life, but lose the time living the life you have now, right this minute while you’re reading this.

I promise you, no amount of money, position, power, or influence will be seen as success if you have no one with whom you can share it with.

Your money won’t hold your hand when you just need to be listened. Your promotion won’t be there to hug you when you want to cry, and your influence won’t matter when you just need to be heard from the heart.

So are you ready to hear a big secret?

Career Purpose Is Not Your Career

It’s how you feel while you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s when you’re feeling exhausted to the bone, meeting difficult deadlines, when your eyes hurt just by looking at the screen, and you get a text message from the ones you care for the most:

“I’m thinking about you, you can do this.”

Your career purpose is when you get up in the morning, even though you are not a morning person and you still want to work with enthusiasm. It’s when you go to sleep in peace, knowing that what you did that day made a difference.

Finding your career purpose is vital, because it’s not about chasing money or prestige… It’s knowing that when the day comes when you know you can’t do something, you will get that message from that special soul telling you that you can. It’s when you look yourself in the mirror before you go to bed and tell yourself:

“You did good today. I’m proud of you.”

Now that’s a purpose worth seeking, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂 



I would love to hear, how important is your career to you? Do you seek to find purpose in it? Please feel free to share your thoughts, I would be humbled to hear from you!

P.S This article will also be shared as a guest post on a concept from one of our dear friends. 🙂

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