2021: New Year, Powerful You

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New Year is not always a merry start. For many, it’s a painful reminder of what happened this time last year, or 5 years back. Maybe we lost someone, perhaps someone left, or we lost our job. Hell, maybe all this together. But…

You’re still here

I won’t sell you some generic crap how last year was a year of possibilities. 2020 was a collective traumatic experience for most. Nothing could have prepared us for what happened, and it’s perfectly okay if all you did was survive.

There’s one more thing you did. YOU ARE STILL HERE!

Despite all the bad, all the wrong, everything the world threw at you, all of the challenges your mind and body had to endure, fighting every day just to keep up with it all… You are still here.

The INFJ personality, the protectors, counselors, empaths, advocates, was put to the test like never before. And you did all you could, that is enough.

You’re Not What You Do

If things didn’t work out, if you didn’t produce the result you want that’s all, but don’t confuse who you are with the results that you produce. You are not your career, your relationships, what others tell you or do to you.

I don’t know how many times I had to look myself in the mirror and tell myself (I feel embarrassed saying this): “Come on lad, use all you got, all your fears, all your hopes, all your dreams, everything you got…” just to keep myself afloat.

I do not know what you believe in, but there’s a reason why you’re here. Call it however you want, but that reason is there. I refuse to believe my existence on this planet is an accident, waved by some accidental events that are not connected.

There’s Nothing You Can’t Handle

Trust that you can. Trust your heart, your mind, your intuition, trust whatever the hell you want, but do not think for a second this is all there is to it for you. You will not face more than you can handle, no matter how bad it is.

Cry, let it all out, text that friend who will listen to you in the middle of night while preparing coffee and getting out of bed at 3am, grieve, be sad, do whatever you have to do, but please, don’t surrender to stagnation…

Whoever left, whoever did you wrong, let them go… They had to leave. It had to happen. I do not know why, because I sometimes still ask myself that, but it had to happen!

You are not here to go quietly into the night. So the next time when life tries to put you on your knees, look yourself in the mirror… “I don’t think so.”


Do you make any New Year resolutions? What are your thoughts on them? We would love to hear from you in the comments below! 🙂

2 thoughts on “2021: New Year, Powerful You”

  1. You’ve got that right! The discord from this virus and its ensuing regulation disputes can get so heavy that you just want to quit everyone. But if a timid soul speaks their hurt I will be their voice, because that’s what we do. I avoid the chaos unless asked my opinion… then I speak freely. 😁 We must STOP acting like caged puppies biting each other. Stop pointing fingers, stop judging, stop accusing. We are forgetting that there still is scenery and sunshine and music and chocolate. We do not need to ADD stress to a stressful time by attacking each other. 2020 has been a brutal year for feelers. So much unhappiness. But will we let it drag us into ONLY seeing the ugly? Like you said, “I don’t think so!” We can still enjoy the same basic pleasures we always have. Ignore the dirt that people are flinging, it will blow away eventually. Continue to see the silver linings, and we will get through this tired but wiser. Thank you a million times over for continuing to be a positive voice in an increasingly negative world, dear Marko! 🌟

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